Chapter 2: Shooters


Lock, stock and two smoking sticky grenades. Shooters are games that literally hit or miss. They either sell millions of copies, or fade away fast.

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link Halo 3

Finish the fight. I remember buying the Xbox 360 just to play this game. Console shooters have competition, and yet this one takes the crown.

Often enough, shooters give little and less context to what and why the player is shooting in the first place. Combine sci-fi storytelling with futuristic firefights and you get the Halo series.

In Halo, you are the last chance for Earth's survival. An alien onslaught is approaching Earth. Over time, enemies enter the battefield, alliances shift and the epic story unfolds.

Master Chief, the silent protagonist, is a shell for your own gameplay experience. With excellent voice acting, and a futuristic score by Martin O'Donnell, the game plays like a roller coaster of gunfights followed by cutscenes.

Legendary difficulty and online multiplayer add hours of gameplay to boot. Released September 25, 2007, this a game that still shines, more than ten years later.

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link Honorable Mentions

  • Overwatch
  • Fallout 4
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Mass Effect 2