Chapter 1: Platformers


Games that urge us to run, jump and collect coins. At least until time or lives run out. For most casuals, platformers can be their first foray into the gaming world.

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link Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a timeless game. The jump from 2D to 3D is difficult to describe. For those who grew up with linear games, this was a massive innovation.

The game offers 120 collectable power stars across 15 unique stages. Even after beating this game multiple times, I found myself exploring the stages, looking for hidden paths.

Each stages's soundtrack is beautiful and memorable. I can recall playing in the kitchen, where my Dad would burst in singing to Mario's flying cap theme song.

Video games are like paintings come to life, with vibrant colors and aural soundtracks. Each stage in Super Mario 64 is accessible by jumping into it's painting.

To this day, Super Mario 64 reminds players to stay curious about their surroundings.

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link Honorable Mentions

  • Banjo Kazooie
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Crash Bandicoot