Timeless Gaming

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On a clear night in New York City's Lower East Side, one would not expect to find so many gamers in one place. Enter Waypoint Cafe, a funky gaming cafe on Grand and Ludlow. Inside the gaming cafe, a Super Smash bros tournament was underway.

The cafe patrons were a younger crowd. These were regulars for the Tuesday night tournament. Shouts of joy and anguish could be heard in the glow of televised matches. According to the owner, the shop opened two years ago.

Part of me still considers entering next week's Smash tournament. My heart of hearts will gravitate towards gaming, and yet time is more limited than ever before.

Although gaming has been a long-standing phase in my life, it has lost interest over time. Countless nights spent on shooters, platformers and strategy games tend to wear off the novelty. While gaming phased out, other hobbies took root.

Like any form of media, every video game has it's own shelf life. One could argue of the artistic value in modern gaming. Gaming is comparable to jumping into paintings, where colors and characters come to life.

Even the greatest games are upended by sequels or successors. The following is a list of timeless games. These are games that never lose interest over time, and can always be revisited for a playthrough.

Selections are separated into genres: