Boston's Best

Boston is a city with a young populace and rich history. Below are my top attractions in Beantown.

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Following the Freedom Trail

Being part of Beantown has been an inspiration. Following the historic freedom trail, one discovers landmarks and artifacts from the colonial era. With a young populace, Boston draws students to universities both competitve and prestigious. Also known as "The Cradle of Liberty," the seaside town is a haven for those seeking a fresh start.

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Stealing Home at Fenway

As a home to many major league teams, Boston residents rally for their favorites. Near TD Garden, one hears the metro train conductor announce, "Go Celtics!" at North Station. The city boasts two championship teams, with the Patriots and Red Sox in 2018. There must be comraderie in the air, especially when the champion teams visit a Celtics or Bruins game.

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Cheering for the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Speaking of comraderie, South Boston rallies for the St. Patrick's day parade in March. The parade is packed with an ensemble cast, including former marines, costume characters and marching bands. Seeing the show and the boozy crowd that follows is an adventure.

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Staying Frosty on Snow Days

Who does not enjoy snow days? Unless you are stuck shoveling snow, the day is best spent inside with a warm mug. Boston prepares to deal with any amount of snowfall and persevere. Although rare, the days spent in with frosted windows are a relief. Except for those with West Coast roots.

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Hiking the Blue Hills Reservation

While here, one may notice a blend of urban and suburban landscapes. Boston hosts the Emerald Necklace, a collection of parks and trails from Back Bay to the Franklin Park Zoo. One more park outside South Boston is the Blue Hills Reservation, a winding trail that offers a respite from the noisy city.

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Listening to the House of Blues

Boston offers a variety of venues for it's musical guests. ZHU takes the cake for a banger at the House of Blues. Passion Pit also made a stop here on their Manners 10th Anniversary tour.

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Floating the Charles River

The Charles River extends passage to river boats, sailboats and kayaks between Cambridge and Boston. The Charles hosts the annual Dragon Boat Festival, where teams compete to row in a time trials race. Seeing the Charles River by sunset is sublime.

And that's a wrap! Thanks for reading.